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we call “uglification” a current trend that we noticed among artists, both in France and Ukraine, intentionally going against the “good taste” in order to question the paradoxes of our hypermodern era:


computer and digital revolution

hypertrophy of consumption 

worship of flawless bodies

mass access to pornographic contents 

end of metaphysics and master narratives


instead of strictly tackling those issues, we take an ironic look on their inconsistencies, by twisting the codes of “beauty” specific to each of these hypermodern stigmas. 


for most of our artists, this means going back to the roots of that decade in which they grew up, when all excesses were born: from the middle 90’s to the early 2000’s.


with ironic detachment, they re-appropriate, redefine and reclaim aesthetics that are considered “ugly” by standards of convention and taste. 

they embrace imperfection, insignificance or failure. 


against the HD resolution they praise early computers aesthetics, or the digital deficiency 


for the urge of zero-flaw plastics, they answer with excessively exhibited bodies, or with the so castigated fashion vulgarity


for mass porn, they show mundane erotic accumulations 


to respond to the end of metaphysics, they create mini-encrypted-epiphanies, 



thus, we do not define the ugly as a specific set of plastic characteristics, but rather as a symptom of our time. 


our exhibition is not an answer, but a blossom of artistic explorations, an attempt to capture the irony of our time.

13 - 20 april 2019


ugly is a non-sense 

ugly is an ironic look at a decadent world

ugly is like a shapeless fresh air breezing on your eyes and crowding in your ears

ugly is an anti-metaphysic

against the zero-flaw plastics

against the good taste and the narrow-minded



born around the 90’s 

critical and nostalgic

we crave for the low

we praise the kitsch, the vulgar, the creaky


praise the ugly 

for it may be 

tomorrow’s glory



we embrace pixels

we embrace fluo, glitter, high speed and low speed 

we glorify the marginal, the off-track, the primitive

we glorify the meaningless and the retarded

we call for freedom with no boundaries

// events


opening 13 april

john object: live music

anthony junkoid: dj set

olexiy dyachkov: live music 

facebook event here

finissage 20 april

yana franz: fashion show

malo lacroix: video projection

mokri dereva: live music

eugene the oceanographer: live music

facebook event here

video and exhibition posters by Jugoceania

// our ugly artists

ADSL Honeymoon

Prints, digital art

Apprendre à s’user / The more you know, the more you wear out 


Anne Lise Le Gac

Video, 38 min

L'Âge du Faire : hacking, travail, anarchie / The Age of Doing: hacking, work, anarchy


Aurélia Declercq

Visual installation

Spoiler to spoil


Carole Mousset

Mixed media installation 

CRY ® : Beyond Eternity


Elena Subach & Viacheslav Poliakov 

Prints, photography

City of Gardens ; Grandmothers on the Edge of Heaven

Fabien Grt

Prints, photography


Gentils Floquets

Ink on paper

UGLY (U: la possibilité du nihil ; G: 2003 ; L: extension of the domain of struggle ; Y: Damien Hirst & Jeff Koons dividing up the art market)


Igor Chekach Kov

Prints, glitched photography



Video, 3 min

Ugly : The digital aging of the object in the process of daily compression

Julie Poly

Installation, computer card game

Космолот / Kosmolot

Maria Ralemskaya

Mixed media installation

Околоцветник / Perianth


Mariya Vasilyeva

Video, 6 min



Book of artworks 


Matthew O'Toole
Video, 8 min
My Leprosarium

Maxim Zatsarinniy
Video, 15 min


Oleksiy Say
Print, excel art


Royal Gripon
Mixed media installation 
How is it possible ? 

Sasha Kurmaz
Prints, photography
Oh Yeah, Yea, Yea, Yea!


Viktoriia Dovhadze
Prints, photography
Zoloto Karpat

Yuriy Bolsa
Prints, digital collage 

// selection of artworks

// exhibition views

most pictures above were shot by Yana Franz​

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