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how to inhabit suffocating landscapes?

2019. We now irremediably entered the Anthropocene : a new geological era in which human activity became the main factor in the planet’s transformation.

Our impact on earth speeds up the entropy of natural ecosystems, which are progressively being replaced by human-altered landscapes. These unprecedented disruptions provoke disorder, imbalance and erosion, in such a way that entropy is no longer an abstract concept but instead an obvious reality.

ENTROPIA is a reflection of this alarming deterioration of landscapes. The artworks presented in the exhibition are an attempt to repair, collect, classify, aestheticize or simply keep a trace of the tangible world as we’ve known it until this day.

30 august - 5 september 2019

// events


opening 30 august

oleksii podat : live music 

ivan skoryna : live music 

valeriya tarasenko & stanislav tolkachev : live music

maria drozdova : performance

facebook event here

finissage 5 september

unwavemenot : live music

NFNR : live music 

Komitet : live music 

facebook event here

// exhibition views 

pictures above were shot by Yaroslav Kozlitin

// artworks

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